Some Re-enactions of Ophelia's Death [A Re-enaction of Elizabeth Siddal Posing for Millais's painting] Accessed 4 July 2012. [Video of Ophelia being submerged. Based not on Millais but on Odilon's "Ophelia Among the Flowers".] (Accessed 4 July 2012) (accessed 4 July 2012) [Natalie Dessay in Ambroise Thomas's opera Hamlet. She stabs herself.]

the Wild Roses Grow by Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue.
Contains allusions to Ophelia's death and Millais painting. See  Kylie Minogue and Nick Cave's  "Where the Wild Roses Grow"].
 [A musical and visual interpretation of Arthur Rimbaud's poem, "Ophelia."]