Some Explicit References to Millais's Ophelia

As discussed in the essay on this website, many of the images of the dead or drowning Ophelia posted to Web 2.0 sites have been influenced by Millais's painting of Ophelia. Here are some examples:

[shows Ophelia in a bikini]

[Millais's figure transported to Florida lake]

[Note that not all of the images retrieved at this URL are of Ophelia's death by drowning, but the majority are.] (accessed 4 July 2012) [Video of Ophelia being submerged. Based not on Millais but on Odilon's "Ophelia Among the Flowers".]

[A Flickr account is required to see this image]

[A Flickr account is required to see this image]

[This item is specifically concerned with Millais's model, Elizabeth Siddal, and her posing in a bath tub]

the Wild Roses Grow by Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue.
Contains allusions to Ophelia's death and Millais painting]

  [Imitation of Millais created with bacteria and fungi] (accessed 13 November 2011) [Two movies with explicit references to Millais's Ophelia]