Ophelia and Web 2.0

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"The Death of Shakespeare's Ophelia, Popular Culture, and Web 2.0." 

This website and its essay are an attempt to show how a single character - Ophelia - has retained since Victorian times an especial fascination. Her iconic presence pervades popular culture and appears to be ubiquitous within the twenty-first century world of Web 2.0, particularly (though not exclusively) on photo- and video-sharing sites. The essay includes discussion of (a) Ophelia images and John Everett Millais; (b) the appropriation and re-mixing of Ophelia images; (c) Ophelia in bath tubs and swimming pools; (d) self-portraits as Ophelia;  (e) the fragmentation and absence of Ophelia.

Attribution: The image above by Phoney Nickle is entitled "Ophelia Drowned in the Water." It was uploaded to Flickr.com and is reproduced here thanks to a Creative Commons licence (Attribution-No Derivative Works).